Preventive Dentistry

We take a preventive approach to your dental care. This means we want to see you regularly so we can make sure any problems are detected before they get any worse. If we can nip issues in the bud, we will help eliminate the need for more extensive and expensive treatment, and keep your teeth in great condition.

Routine check-ups with your dentist means decay can be spotted before it causes further teeth damage or pain. We also work closely with our hygienist, Dania Gonzalez, to spot signs of gum disease or other serious conditions such as oral cancer.

Hygiene treatments are an essential part of your preventive care. Dania will deep clean your teeth to help reduce a build-up of plaque with a thorough scale and polish. This helps prevent or slow the progress of gum disease and will leave your teeth feeling smooth and looking shiny. She will also show you how to use dental tools, such as brushes and floss, so you can maintain an effective dental care routine at home. Her advice will include dietary tips so you know which foods to avoid and which you can freely indulge in for healthy teeth.

Don’t forget to bring your little ones to see our hygienist too. We can teach them lots of teeth care tips and apply fissure sealants to protect new teeth when they first start to appear.

Remember to let us know if you have any concerns – the sooner you tell us about any signs or symptoms, the more quickly we can intervene and give you the top quality treatment you need.

Due a check-up or fancy freshening up your mouth with a hygiene deep clean? Give us a call at 818.884.8110.