General Dentistry

We offer high quality, modern dentistry within a reassuringly friendly environment. Our preventive approach ensures your teeth will stay in top condition, but if any problems do occur, we can provide a comprehensive range of treatments, delivered by experienced dental professionals.

We want you to feel comfortable about coming to see us and will always listen to any of your concerns. You can also rest assured that our dentists are highly qualified, as well as very approachable, and use a wealth of advanced techniques to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. They also keep up to date with advances in modern dentistry, frequently refreshing and adding to their skills. This blend of exceptional care and expertise is delivered in a well-equipped, relaxed setting, and we also offer convenient appointments, out-of-hours emergency treatment and accessible ground floor treatment rooms for our disabled patients.

We will talk you through your options and advise which will be the most suitable treatments – these can range from a simple filling for repairing an area of decay or a crown to fully restore damaged teeth, right through to intricate root canal therapy. We can offer extractions for those teeth that are beyond repair or to make more space prior to orthodontic treatment, as well as filling in any gaps with our dentures, bridges or dental implants.

Give us a call at 818.884.8110 and we will gladly answer any questions or let you know how to register with the West Hills Dental Office.